What is Essay Format?

If you are a student, then you probably have already heard about an essay format. Some young people think that following the requirements of a particular essay format is silly, but actually, it is not. If you want to make your paper look well-organized, clear, and plagiarism-free, then you should adhere to the basic principles of essay format.  

The essay is called an essay because it must include certain elements. The essay format presents a definite set of rules for how an academic paper must be arranged. This set includes tips on formatting a title page, conclusion, reference page, etc. While writing an essay on any subject, you need to follow standard rules. Most teachers consider formatting as crucial as content, so you need to learn more about the essay format and the ways of following all requirements correctly.

Many educational establishments require writing a paper with a certain essay format. Among the most common ones are Chicago, APA, MLA, etc. The primary goal of each one is to present data in a very structured way. Mind that the application of formats may vary depending on institutions, still, the requirements are common.

Basic Essay Format

Every essay must include Introduction, Main Body, and Conclusion to present the idea clearly. Let’s look at each part more carefully:

  1. Introduction. Readers should understand what you are going to talk about from the very beginning. Provide them with some background data to make them feel more relaxed but still curious. 
  2. Main body. It consists of a few paragraphs with a topic sentence in every one of them. The main arguments must support your thesis.
  3. Conclusion. The last part of the essay must summarize the full paper and back readers to a thesis statement. Add a call for action or encourage the readers to think about some issues.

The Guidelines for Basic Essay Format

This is the list of necessary requirements for a basic essay format. Follow them strictly if you want to get a well-organized paper:

  • All page sides have a 1-inch margin;
  • Definite font size and style;
  • Line spacing;
  • Page headers include data about the last name of the author, etc.;
  • Indentation is 0.5 inch;
  • The page numbers are mentioned in page headers;
  • Heading and subheadings.

Essay Format MLA Style

The Modern Language Association designed the MLA style to make the writing process easier for college students. Researchers could use it for languages and literature disciplines. Soon it became one of the most popular and now is commonly chosen for humanities. Many teachers prefer this style due to its simplicity and clear rules. MLA style doesn’t come with definite requirements on how students must craft their piece of content. Moreover, it has a structure that is very similar to the basic essay format.

To be more clear, the paper written in MLA style includes introduction, main body, and conclusions. That’s why following the guidelines for MLA style will not be a big challenge. One more great thing about crafting assignments in this style is that all references may be structured in the same way despite the type of mentioned resource (newspaper, online book, etc.)

The Guidelines for MLA Essay Format

Crafting an essay in MLA format is easy if you know the basic rules. Study them attentively and try to follow each of them carefully:

  • All page sides have a 1-inch margin;
  • Press tab for indentation;
  • Double spacing for the entire paper;
  • The particular font size and style (e.g., New Times Roman);
  • No additional space between paragraphs;
  • Centered essay title;
  • Author’s and instructor’s names are in the left upper corner, as well as date and class;
  • Every page header must include numbers of the page and last name;
  • All cited sources must be mentioned in alphabetic order.

Essay Format APA Style

APA style was designed by the American Psychological Association. It is commonly used for crafting research papers in social or behavioral sciences. Be sure that you are going to deal with APA style if you study economics, psychology, etc. As a result, the style has a more specific format in comparison to MLA style, for example. 

The papers written in APA style start with a title page. Here you need to mention the paper title, name, and affiliation. Next, an abstract goes. It must be presented in one paragraph up to 250 words. Be ready to talk about research methods, questions, analysis results, conclusions, and of course, the primary topic. Some students work on abstracts after writing the entire paper, as then it seems to be less difficult.

At last, the paper itself comes. The APA essay format insists on crafting short papers with clear and direct points. Students must avoid all those flowery language stuff and unnecessary descriptions. Do your best to expand the sections that you have mentioned before in the abstract.

The Guidelines for APA Essay Format

If you are not sure that you know all peculiarities of formatting an essay in APA style, then keep an eye on following such requirements:

  • Double spacing;
  • The title is up to 12 words only;
  • All page sides have a 1-inch margin;
  • One font size and style;
  • The reference page includes all citations;
  • Every page includes a page number (on the right) and shortened title (on the left).

Essay Format Chicago Style

University of Chicago Press designed this style for formatting academic papers. It is not as popular as APA and MLA styles but is still one of three major formats. The teachers ask the students to use the Chicago style for history-related papers. It is rather complicated as it has a particular rule for almost every paper detail. Chicago style is a choice of numerous book authors.

Papers that are written in Chicago style start with a title page similar to APA formatting. Next, an abstract comes, but its presence depends on whether you craft a research essay or not. That’s why the paper may include such sections as an introduction, main body, conclusions, or differ a little bit.

Citations have definite peculiarities as well. A student must use footnotes or endnotes and do not include parenthetical/in-text citations. You must name the reference page as Bibliography.

The Guidelines for Chicago Essay Format

The Chicago essay format also has its own peculiarities that you are to keep in mind if you want to get the highest grade. Here they are:

  • Double spacing throughout the entire paper;
  • All paper sides have a 1-inch margin;
  • The header includes the last name and page number;
  • Bibliography lists all sources in alphabetical order;
  • The style of text is Times New Roman;
  • Footnotes are made for quoted/paraphrased passages.

Is Essay Format Really Important?

Are you wondering whether the essay format is really so crucial? Yes, it is. Let’s imagine that you are a researcher, a teacher, or a publisher who needs to check hundreds of papers every week. If at least one paper doesn’t follow the guidelines of a particular essay format, then you will probably waste a lot of time. You will need to spend hours trying to deal with all that scope of information, guess who the author is, whether this is his/her phrase or some citation, etc. Adhering to the essay format requirements makes life easier both for the writer and the teacher. There is no need to waste time searching for important elements.

Still, not all students can easily cope with structuring the paper correctly. Luckily, many professional writing companies are ready to help them get the highest grade and take care of their academic reputation.

Professional Assistance with Essay Format

A large number of writing services may make you feel confused. All of them offer professional services to make your life simple and fun. But the truth is that many of these services come up with hidden prices, challenging website interfaces, a long process of placing orders, etc. 

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