Select the Best Proposal Essay Topics

The proposal essay is a type of academic paper in which the author proposes a certain idea, gives advice or recommendations in order to convince the reader to listen to his opinion. Here the author demonstrates his ability to convince a person, to give suitable arguments in favor of his own point of view.

Such assignment is usually completed in order to consolidate, deepen, and generalize the knowledge gained by students during the study period, their application for a comprehensive solution of a specific professional task. Its implementation allows to find out not only the level of theoretical and practical competence of students but also their ability to work with literature, plan the research process, independently conduct research, analyze, systematize, summarize theoretical and empirical data, summarize the results, formulate the necessary conclusions, substantiate the ways and forms of their application in the practice of professional activity.

Proposal essays can be performed on a variety of topics and a wide range of disciplines. In this article, we want to provide you with a list of relevant topics, as well as talk a little about the peculiarities of writing a proposal essay. Rest assured that the information below will be useful to you.

How to Choose the Best Proposal Essay Topics?

The choice of the topic of work is extremely important. A correctly chosen topic of work largely ensures its successful implementation. Mandatory requirements for the theme include the following:

  • It must correspond to the specialty and specialization the student is studying at the college, high school, or university, as well as the name of the discipline in which this work is performed;
  • It must be relevant both in applied and scientific aspects;
  • It should provide access to a range of issues with signs of novelty and originality;
  • It must contain the ability to put forward provisions that are distinguished by signs of usefulness;
  • It should be chosen by the student independently, taking into account the possibility of using the materials in subsequent research work.

At the same time, the theme should be:

  • Clear – not contain abstruse phrases with words known only to the author and a narrow circle of associates;
  • Bibliographically accurate – title must contain keywords;
  • Content-specific – the theme should be specific, without parasitic words;
  • Problematic – the theme should bear at least a hint of the problem;
  • Compact – should not be too long;
  • Literary – not to repeat the same word several times.

The topic of the essay should reflect the most important issues related to the chosen scientific specialty or the planned topic of the future thesis. It should be agreed with the tutor.

The List of Most Interesting Proposal Essay Topics

You already know how to choose the best proposal essay topics, what you need to pay attention to when choosing. Now we will represent lists of topics, dividing them into different blocks for ease of selection.

Time Management Topics

If you like time management, pay attention to the following ideas:

  1. Time absorbers. Types, ways of identifying and minimizing ineffective waste of time.
  2. Tactical time management – how to manage working time.
  3. Technical tools for effective time management.
  4. Corporate time management as a tool to improve the efficiency of an organization.
  5. Principles and rules of rational time planning. Conditions for a well-formulated result.
  6. Time management as a component of self-management.
  7. Standard and curricula as documents of time management of the educational process.
  8. Interview, resume, portfolio, observation, analysis of activity products as diagnostic tools of time management in the field of education.
  9. Assessment of labor productivity and identification working time reserves.
  10. The efficiency of express analysis of daily time consumption.

Topics in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Relevant proposal essay topics in applied mathematics and computer science include the following:

  1. The actual problem of modern mathematics.
  2. Application of mathematical research methods for solving problems of modern natural science.
  3. Application of operation research methods to solve economic problems.
  4. Application of mathematical modeling to socio-economic processes.
  5. Using a game-theoretic approach and methods of operations research in applied problems.
  6. Mathematics and control processes for my future specialty.
  7. Mathematical models of populations interacting on the territory.
  8. Differences between pure and applied mathematics.
  9. Mathematics as a science to reason and think.
  10. Famous applied mathematician, a specialist in control theory, and his main works.

Interesting Topics in Fundamental Informatics and Information Technology

Among the most interesting topics in fundamental informatics and information technology we should allocate the following:

  1. The actual problem of modern informatics, information technology, computer technology, management of computer complexes and systems.
  2. Modern effective ways of disseminating information.
  3. Application of mathematical research methods for solving problems of modern natural science.
  4. The hybrid architecture of computing systems. Appointment and construction methods.
  5. Distributed databases.
  6. GRID and Cloud Computing. Similarities and differences.
  7. Classical and non-classical logic.
  8. The problems of adapting mathematical models to a specific computing structure.
  9. Consolidation of heterogeneous computing resources.
  10. Interprocess communication tools.

Geography Topics

We recommend paying attention to the proposal essay topics in geography:

  1. Features of the current stage of the formation of the political map of the world.
  2. The racial and ethnic structure of the world population.
  3. Geographic features of the country’s land resources.
  4. Planning of cultural landscapes for various functional purposes.
  5. Geographic information systems – yesterday, today, tomorrow.
  6. Environmental impact assessment: concepts, purpose, principles, scope.
  7. The structural-dynamic approach in biogeographic mapping.
  8. Territory mapping (applied to one specific region).
  9. Space imagery is a source of information in cartography and geoinformatics.
  10. Internet cartographic and geoinformation content.

Psychology Topics

The list of relevant proposal essay topics in psychology is provided below:

  1. What major scientist-psychologist is my authority and why?
  2. Which field of applied psychology appeals to me the most and why?
  3. What will be my research project in the magistracy in the direction of “Psychology”?
  4. Why can I be a psychologist?
  5. Psychology is the science of the future.
  6. Which branch of psychology is of greatest importance in the modern world and why?
  7. The role of psychology in scientific and technological progress.
  8. The role of psychology in human life.
  9. The importance of psychology in a changing world.
  10. Why do I choose the profession of a clinical psychologist?

Economy Topics

Pay special attention to the economy proposal essay topics:

  1. The modern development of the world economy: problems and prospects.
  2. Crises in the world economy: modern features.
  3. Institutions and their role in modern economic development.
  4. Evolution of government regulation in the modern world.
  5. The evolution of corporate governance in the modern world.
  6. The use of economic and mathematical models in modern business.
  7. Financial accounting and audit: role in modern business.
  8. Economic integration at the current stage of development.
  9. Market efficiency and market imperfections.
  10. GDP and public welfare.

Sociology and Social Work Topics

Some interesting themes in sociology and social work are represented below:

  1. Post-industrial society: features of social culture.
  2. Youth subcultures and social movements in modern society.
  3. Social policy of the state: history and current state.
  4. Globalization and global problems of our time.
  5. Civilized approach and human history.
  6. Civil society and the state: conflict and social order.
  7. Social research in a digital society.
  8. Post-industrial society: features of social culture.
  9. Family in modern society. Charity in modern society.
  10. The level and quality of life.

Jurisprudence Topics

Pay attention to the below jurisprudence ideas:

  1. What is the difference between law and other social norms?
  2. How are the highest bodies of state power formed in the People’s Republic of China?
  3. Human rights in the modern world.
  4. The Constitution in the hierarchy of state normative legal acts.
  5. Features of the operation of international norms (generally recognized principles and norms, international treaties of the state) in the national legal system.
  6. The place and role of the state in the political system.
  7. Basic requirements for the proper application of law and stage law enforcement process.
  8. Acts of the application of a law, their types and differences from other legal acts.
  9. Origin and ways of formation of law.
  10. The main legal systems of our time (legal families).

Media Topics 

If you are interested in media, be it journalism, advertising, and public relations, or any other direction, the following proposal essay topics will be probably suitable for you:

  1. My unusual friend.
  2. From the history of my family…
  3. An interesting topic in a newspaper or on a TV screen.
  4. Favorite word in your native language.
  5. Youth subculture and my personality.
  6. The hero of our time on the screen.
  7. Man in the natural world.
  8. The best city on Earth.
  9. The image of a successful person in the media.
  10. Difficulties in choosing a future profession.

Family Relationship Topics

Family relationship topics are also very interesting. Thus, we recommend you to choose one from the following list:

  1. The range of relationships that make up the subject of family law and their features.
  2. Methods for regulating family legal relations.
  3. Grounds for application to family relations of civil legislation, norms of international and foreign family law.
  4. The legal regime of spouses’ property.
  5. Establishment of paternity and maternity when using artificial methods of human reproduction.
  6. Parents’ rights and obligations: general characteristics and content.
  7. Disputes between parents related to raising children.
  8. Guardianship and custody of minor children.
  9. The right of minor children.
  10. Legal regulation of relations between parents and children and other family members in the presence of a foreign element.

Proposal Essay Writing

We have provided you with a wide range of topics for writing a good proposal essay. Now it seems appropriate to tell a little about the peculiarities of writing this type of paper.

Thus, work on the essay involves an in-depth study of the selected scientific problem, modern literature, as well as demonstrates the skills of logical analysis and generalization of the material, its systematic presentation.

A proposal essay usually has the following structural components:

  • Introduction;
  • Main part;
  • Conclusion;
  • Bibliography;
  • Application.

In the introduction, it is necessary to justify the choice of the topic, its relevance, outline the area of ​​research, the object, and subject of research, the main goals, and objectives.

The main part consists of several paragraphs. Here the essence of the problem under study is revealed, a review of the literature on the subject of research is carried out. It characterizes the degree of elaboration of the problem and the author’s analytical assessment of the main theoretical approaches to its solution. The presentation of the material should not be limited only to a descriptive approach to the disclosure of the chosen topic. It should contain your own vision of the problem under consideration and a statement of your own point of view on possible ways to solve it.

The conclusion summarizes the methods of further research, as well as the expected scientific results.

A list of used literature is usually drawn up in accordance with the accepted rules. It is recommended to include in the list of used literature the works of domestic and foreign authors, including articles published in scientific journals within the last 3 years.

Application (copies of archival documents, photographs, diagrams, sample documents, tables, graphs, etc.) can also be included in the work. It is created in the event that it supplements the content of the main problems of the topic.

Thus, try to carefully study the above material, you may need to re-read it several times in order to find the best topic and write a quality paper. In case of any difficulties – contact us for help!

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