Guidelines To Calculate The Number Of Pages In An 800-words Essay

Students are often unable to estimate the workload and calculate the number of words needed to cover this or that topic. In some cases, you don’t need to pay specific attention to the word count and the number of pages in your essay since it makes no difference both for the task and the professor. But in some cases, it often happens that the incorrect word count may damage the whole work and violate the results. Therefore, it is mandatory to check what the word count for a specific writing task is and learn how to calculate it correctly.

You may know some information about the number of words on a page. But if you doubt and don’t know the exact amount or how to make the text fit the requirements, make sure to read our guide. In the article, we will cover important issues and teach you how to write an 800-word essay without breaking the limits of the word count. Let’s get started with the challenge and find ways to cope with it effectively.

The Common Words per Page Calculation

Why is it necessary to mind the count of words when writing a paper? Many students ask the question when they’re assigned to write an unimaginable number of words. But there’s an explanation that will answer all the misunderstandings. The truth is that every assignment has its word count. It may depend on different reasons. Some professors decide to set the requirements based on their preferences. Others follow the rules strictly, so you always know that the word count cannot be violated. But why is it so crucial to mind the number of words included in the essay?

The thing is that every assignment has a specific goal. If you overdo the words, you can lose the main aim and come up with a vague result. On the other hand, if you write less than needed, you may fail with expressing your thoughts and defending the arguments. For this reason, it is important to always fit the requirements to make up a reasonable and attention-worthy paper in the end.

You can’t go against the rules claimed by the professor if he says to write 800 words for the essay. You need to comply with common guidelines and meet the challenge as others do. If you feel uncomfortable about writing an 800-word paper, it’s your challenge and not the issue for the professor. In this case, you need to create a convenient and efficient strategy to make this word count comfortable or at least acceptable for you.

800-Word Essay: What Does the Word Count Depend On?

Not only the word count, but page number as well is important when managing the paper. Unfortunately, there’s no exact formula to calculate the number of words on a page. The final decision on the word count per page will depend on several points. First of all, you need to mind the formatting. It highly influences the number of words presented on the page. Make sure to mind the font size and spacing used on the page. These are the most crucial formatting elements that can change the whole picture on the page. Outline and different structural elements are also mandatory when calculating the word count. And never forget about the margin size. The two pages will differ extensively if you apply a different margin size to the same text.

All of the formatting elements mentioned above can’t provide the exact information about the number of words used on the page. They can be used for near approximate calculations. But you can’t rely on them if you want to get a strict number of words per page. But there is the answer. You need to mind formatting things but never forget about the following elements:

  • Words lengths. Every word has a different length, and if you want to calculate the number of words per page, you need to keep in mind their varying length;
  • Spacing between paragraphs. Some tasks require no spacing between the paragraphs, while in other cases, you have more freedom in spacing between paragraphs. But one way or another, you can’t close your eyes to this point;
  • Spaces after a period. This one is also important, though students don’t pay much attention to it.

If we take into account all the above-mentioned examples, what can we say about the 800-word essay? How many pages does it have? If we use single spacing, we will come up with 1.6 pages. But what is double spacing required? How many pages do we have then?

The final result will be approximately 3 pages. If you aren’t sure about the spacing or want to calculate a task with unusual requirements, you can always use online tools. If you find a recommended and proven tool for calculating the number of words per page, you will ease your life considerably. You can look for tables and graphics to calculate the number of pages for an 800-word essay. But why should you do this if you have an online helper on the Internet? If the professor isn’t very strict about the pages, you can focus on 2 pages with a single spacing or three pages with double spacing. It will help you to create the body of the essay correctly.

The Best Ways to Select Fonts and Margins for Academic Writing Purposes

When working with texts, you can find a whole lot of type styles. They have different lines and may look interesting or even creative. They have been created to serve different purposes. But it doesn’t mean that you can use any of them in academic writing tasks. There are only some of them that can be applied to academic writing purposes.

The first one is called Arial, and the second one is Times New Roman. These are standard variants used by the students in academic writing. In the requirements, you may find the information to choose the type of style that you want. But mind the word count in such cases. You may use a different type of style, but the word count may differ tremendously. Thus, if you don’t want to perform some extra calculations, you should use a standard option.

Every type has a different height and width. With the same text, you may create a different number of pages. If the style works with wider characters, you will need fewer words for a page. On the other hand, if the style uses smaller characters, you will have to fill the page with more words. For this reason, it is better to make use of a standardized version of the typestyle to make the writing process and the word calculating procedure easier.

What do you know about margins and their use in academic writing? When you think about the correct use of the margin, you need to choose a 1-inch margin. It is a recommended figure for the papers. You will find it in the MLA and APA formats, as well. You can vary the margin slightly if the professor is ok with it. But when dealing with strict requirements, you can’t violate this element. The number of pages directly depends on the margin. Thus, you can’t play with it frivolously.

What Tool to Use for Easy Conversions?

If you want to estimate the number of words on the page, you can’t avoid using online tools or any other apps on your computer. Calculating the word count manually is a waste of time. If you want to be productive, you need to use the help from online tools. There’re lots on the market. The developers created several apps or specific tools to make the life of students easier.

If you want to take a look at them, you can always use the Internet to find what fits you the most. There are tools both for mobile devices and laptops. Most students make use of a Microsoft Word tool. It is a convenient way to calculate the number of words and track them in the process of writing. It is an easy and effortless way since almost every computer has a Microsoft Word by default.

Tips to Help the Paper Fit the Recommended Guidelines

When managing the task, you don’t always track the word count. You may get involved in writing and forget about the initial requirements. As a result, you come up with a text that exceeds the potential word limit. What should you do in such cases? You need to read the text one more time and try to make it brief. It is necessary to keep all the important information included in the text.

First of all, you need to create an outline before writing the paper. It will help you see what the most crucial parts and ideas to be mentioned in the paper are. But if it happens and you need to make your text shorter, reread the paper and pay special attention to the long sentences. You can always make them shorter without losing the main idea. Look at the following tips to help your text fit the required word limits:

  • Look for the adverbs. They are usually used to make the text more expressive. Look carefully at them and try to get rid of the adverbs that make little sense to the topic;
  • Don’t overdo with helping words. They make the text sound wordy;
  • You must know about the transitive words and phrases. They help to make the text flow naturally. But when it comes to the limited word count, you should get rid of the transitive sentences. They may sound correct and make sense to the development of the idea, but they aren’t crucial to the overall context. Thus, you can easily remove them from the text;
  • Make use of the passive voice when it is possible. Such passive contractions ask for less space;
  • Make your ideas straightforward. You need to express the thoughts and provide arguments using correct and precise information, especially when working with a limited word count.

These are some of the most used and rather helpful tips to make your text shorter. They may help you if you accidentally exceed the limits.

Let’s Conclude

Essay writing is a complex undertaking, especially if you’re dealing with set requirements and word limits. It is important to follow the restrictions and make the text fit the rules. In the guide, we have covered the topic to make your writing practice easier. With the help of the guide, you will be able to write an 800-word essay making little effort.

Need Professional Help With Essay Writing?

In the guide, we’ve tried to cover the topic to help you manage the task. Using the rules, you will find it much easier to work with word limitations in your academic writing texts. But what if you need help and don’t have the time for paper writing? No worries. We can help you. Our expert team of experienced writers will ensure the correct and impressive result. We will work meticulously on your paper and provide you a decent text in the end. So, if you feel unsure about writing the paper on your own, we are ready to help you.

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