100+ Best Research Paper Topics for Students

Writing a research paper is an integral part of education. It can be challenging for some students. But it aims to develop analytical thinking towards various issues. Students can also improve their writing skills. In this article, we are going to help you pick the greatest topic for your research paper. Useful tips on writing and examples are included. Let’s start!

What Is a Research Paper?

First, let’s get acquainted with the definition of a research paper and its main components. A research paper is an academic assignment where you show your understanding or evaluation of an issue. It requires investigation of your knowledge field to find the most suitable information. Writing a research paper trains important skills:

  • Investigation;
  • Reading;
  • Analytical Thinking;
  • Writing.

Writing a Research Paper: 4 Main Steps

Now let’s have a look at how to write the main components of a research paper.

An Outline

An outline is like a plan. It has to be made before you start the writing process. It has to involve all the main elements of your research paper. As a rule, a structure looks like that:

  • Title page;
  • Abstract;
  • Intro;
  • Methodology;
  • Results;
  • Discussion;
  • Conclusions;
  • Reference List;
  • Appendix.

An Intro

This part opens the research paper. Some call it the face of your investigation. It has to include a hook to engage the potential reader. In an intro, it is possible to use:

  • Jokes;
  • Facts;
  • Statistical Data;
  • Quotes;
  • Allegory.

A Thesis Statement

It is the basis of any academic writing. It is one sentence that expresses the main idea of the whole research content. We recommend writing it after everything else is ready. A good thesis statement should be brief, understandable, and related to the main issue. Make sure it has no grammatical mistakes.


Here you sum up the crucial points of your investigation. We recommend relying on the thesis. Include an interesting fact to surprise the reader with the results.

5 Key Characteristics of a Great Research Paper Topic.

  1. Originality. Touching the issues that haven’t been investigated before.
  2. Concreteness. The investigation aims and expected results have to be specific and concrete.
  3. Importance. Having an impact on society or area of study.
  4. Relevance. Suitable for your potential readers.
  5. Trendiness. Having an undiscovered scientific potential and evoking the interest of readers.

How To Choose a Great Research Paper Topic: 8 Tips

Most students feel tired and stressed while dealing with writing assignments like a research paper. Choosing a topic is a starting point of any academic writing. In some cases, a professor gives you a list of topics to choose from. Sometimes, you are free to select what you want. Some make a mistake wasting hours or even days on choosing. The process requires time and originality. But we are going to prove that the process of selecting a topic is much faster and easier. In our guide, we provide the best time-tested pieces of advice and typical mistakes to avoid.

The Topic Should Interest You

On the Internet, you can find thousands of possible topics for a research paper. It is possible to conduct outstanding research only if you are really interested in the topic. It will make exploring the field easier and more effective. Picking the easy topic just to finish faster won’t have successful results. Make a list of things that interest you. Then define the benefits and disadvantages of each of them. It will help you analyze the variants and pick the most suitable one.

Make Sure There Is Enough Background Information

Background facts are essential for investigation. The availability of enough background is one of the key criteria to consider. If you like the topic but can’t find enough info, change it. The more resources you rely on in your research, the better. The resources include books, journals, websites, etc. Not to be one-sided looks for different points of view and approaches. Support from a reliable background will make your research paper look professional. The narrower your topic is, the less scientific background it has. Look for strong arguments to support your thesis statement.

Brainstorm Ideas

Write a list of broad subjects. Then try to narrow them down to specific study areas. Pick the one you are most interested in. It is a quick way to come up with an impressive and engaging research paper topic. Remember to avoid controversial and sensitive topics. If you are not sure whether you can cope with them, better pick something neutral. You may also ask your professor’s opinion about the picked topic. He can give you helpful pieces of advice. Even independent opinions of your groupmates can show you the real picture.

Writing a Research Question

Your topic has to relate to your research question. Here are the main types of questions:

  • Explanatory: applying thorough and exhaustive observation of a certain subject or characteristics. It characterizes the subject thoroughly.
  • Casual: investigation whether changes will bring a positive effect.
  • Comparing: defining similar and different features of two notions.

Pay Attention to Your Thesis Statement

A thesis statement presents your topic in a few words. This is the closest thing to your paper topic. You can borrow the central idea from your thesis statement. The connection between the thesis statement and the topic will make the content look organized and well-thought.

Mind Your Audience

Another strategy is to take into account the requirements of your target readers. Try to think from their point of view. Determine what evokes their interest and makes them read the paper till the end.

Involve Keywords

Define the main keyword that reflects your research paper idea. Add some words that specify it. For example, your main keyword is “education.” You have lots of opportunities, like school education, higher education, etc. Create your topic around it.

Follow the Professor’s Guidelines

The professors demand to select a topic related to their subject. They usually provide guidelines for students. Take into account the requirements not to rewrite the unsuitable research.

We hope our pieces of advice help you make the best pick and impress everyone with an outstanding paper.

Typical Mistakes

Now let’s look at the things that may slow down choosing the right topic.

  • Selecting a broad topic. Here you need to consider the page number requirements. It is better to explore a narrow issue thoroughly than to present an average investigation. Include highlights of your topic.
  • Becoming a grey mass. Picking something ordinary to get rid of this assignment is not a way to get a great mark. The writing process can be more effortless, but it will lead to negative results. Earn a reputation as a creative and skilled writer by choosing something out-of-the-box.
  • Hesitations. The more you postpone deciding on a topic, the worse it will be. We recommend choosing the topic on the next day’s assignment. If you choose right away, you have more time to prepare.
  • Sticking to one topic. It is okay if you adjust the topic during the investigation. Maybe you find interesting aspects or a more exciting issue. Sticking to one topic is a mistake.

Over 100 Research Paper Topic Examples

If you still can’t create a good topic yourself, don’t worry. Our website provides examples of outstanding topics. You can utilize them as a backup plan for your investigation. For your convenience, we divided them according to the subjects and education levels.

Research paper Topics by Level of Education

Students of different levels have different requirements concerning the topic.

High School Research Paper Topics

  1. The benefits of single-sex schools on teenagers.
  2. Who should control the food served at schools?
  3. Should the high-school curriculum be more related to real life?
  4. Where can we use math formulas in real life?
  5. The usefulness of training in high schools.
  6. Does religion have a place in high school?
  7. Should teenagers pick the subjects they are interested in?
  8. Should the high school tests have unified standards?
  9. The disadvantages of wearing a uniform.
  10. 10. Is sex education effective for teenagers?

College Research Paper Topics

  1. The advantages of distance education.
  2. Is passing exams online effective?
  3. Should colleges have education consultants?
  4. The phenomenon of college dropouts who became multimillionaires.
  5. Is college education in step with the modern job market?
  6. Planning college tuition.
  7. Types of abuse among college students.
  8. How can an average person become famous?
  9. Should the special classes for boys be included in the college program?

Research Paper Topics by Discipline

Look at the category you are interested in to find the best option.

Psychology Research Paper Topics

  1. The connection between Schizophrenia and other mental disorders.
  2. Child abuse and its effect on psychological problems.
  3. Is depression a health issue?
  4. The influence of mental disorders on learning abilities.
  5. What are psychological problems related to the environment?
  6. Effective ways to reduce high-stress levels at work.
  7. The role of the family whole dealing with mental disorders.
  8. Main types of sleep disorders and how to overcome them.
  9. Childhood obesity in the US.
  10. Eating disorders under the impact of social networks.
  11. Is music therapy effective?
  12. Types of Memory
  13. The impact of the second marriage on children.
  14. The impact of autism on young children.
  15. How to deal with child speech disorders.
  16. Teenager suicide as a problem of the 21st century.

Environmental Research Paper Topics

  1. Acid rains as a result of human activity.
  2. Are electric vehicles useful for reducing air pollution?
  3. Water pollution in Asia.
  4. Effective ways of waste recycling to reduce global warming.
  5. Greenhouse effect and global warming.
  6. The use of recyclable plastic as a way to minimize plastic pollution.
  7. The harm of pesticides on bird populations.
  8. Should environmental problems be discussed in schools?
  9. The climatic changes in the last 20 years.
  10. The tragedy of ocean pollution in Kamchatka.
  11. What are the best types of alternative energy?
  12. How to preserve endangered species?
  13. Ways to reduce paper waste.
  14. The underground influence of earthquakes.
  15. The dangers of genetically modified food.
  16. The ways to manage overpopulation in Asian Countries.

Topics on Business and Marketing

  1. Will tax reduction help businesses survive the pandemic?
  2. The influence of globalization on brand advertising
  3. The changes in marketing etiquette over the last 10 years.
  4. Time-management strategies for big and small enterprises.
  5. How can a creative advertising approach increase your sales?
  6. An overview of the most successful companies of the last 5 years.
  7. The IKEA phenomenon or how to build a business empire?
  8. Is starting a family business a good idea?
  9. Building a profitable startup.
  10. Is franchising a good way to expand a business.
  11. Ups and downs of outsourcing.
  12. Are celebrities an effective way to advertise a product?
  13. The influence of Social Media Advertising.

Politics Research Paper Topics

  1. The effect of Brexit on the European Union.
  2. Belarus. A dictatorial regime in the modern world
  3. The possible threats of Russian Federation foreign policy.
  4. Conflict in Eastern Ukraine. When will the Russian Aggression end?
  5. Is peace between Israel and Palestine possible?
  6. Should nuclear weapons be prohibited?
  7. Will immigration reforms be effective for the US?
  8. How political debates impact election results?
  9. Do the politicians have a right to privacy?
  10. Is a presidential campaign worth big investments?

Religion Research Paper Topics

  1. Technology versus religion. The battle of the 21st century.
  2. The teenagers’ perception of religion.
  3. Popular new-age religions
  4. Women oppression in different religions.
  5. Would society be better without religion?
  6. The impact of religions on politics in different countries.
  7. Can religion tolerate abortion?
  8. Sex abuse in the church.
  9. The influence of the church on morality.
  10. Can religions cause wars in the 21st century?
  11. Why did humanity stop believing in polytheist religions?

Sociology Research Paper Topics

  1. The types of poverty.
  2. Social media and its effect on the young generation.
  3. Tendencies in interracial marriage.
  4. Effective methods to deal with social anxiety.
  5. Privacy issues on social media.
  6. Gender stereotypes at work.
  7. The impact of team sports on social skills.
  8. Do social networks make people lonely?
  9. How to prevent cyber-bullying?
  10. How did the role of women change in the last 10 years?

Topics on Education

  1. Is getting higher education in the USA worth its money?
  2. Ways of Educational Sphere Modernization
  3. Homeschooling and traditional schooling. Which is better for teenagers?
  4. The importance of Physical Education in schools.
  5. The appropriate age for sex education.
  6. Are single-sex schools effective?
  7. The student-oriented approach in modern schools.
  8. The reforms in the US education system.
  9. How to prevent cheating on exams.
  10. How can Virtual Reality revolutionize the education system?
  11. Effective methods to deal with bullying at high school.
  12. Do the college admission policies in the US need change?


The success of your investigation depends on choosing the right topic. We hope our pieces of advice and examples helped you make the best choice. Remember to choose the topic you are engaged in. They also should evoke the readers’ interest. If getting started with an assignment is problematic, we are ready to give you a helping hand. Our website is a reliable provider of custom academic writing services.

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